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Think Before You Act

I do not know where this test originated, but it is outstanding.  The following “tests” can be applied to nearly every situation you face to determine whether an action is right or wrong.  As you are weighing your options, answer these questions.

  • The Personal Test: Will doing this make me a better or worse Christian?

  • The Social Test: Will doing it influence others, and especially the weak, to be better or worse Christians?

  • The Practical Test: Will the results of my doing this be desirable?  What are the fruits of my actions?

  • The Universal Test: If everyone should do this, would it improve or degrade society?  If all Christians do it, will it improve or degrade the kingdom?

  • The Scriptural Test: Does the Bible endorse it or forbid it?  Does the tenor or tone of the Bible, if the thing contemplated is not expressly dealt with, speak toward endorsing it or condemning it?

  • The Stewardship Test: Will my doing this constitute a waste of talent and/or goods for which I am accountable to the Lord?

  • The Character Test: What will be the influence of my life and spirituality as others now see me in this particular behavior?

  • The Family Test: Will it bring discredit and dishonor to my family and embarrass them?  Is it something that I can recommend to all of my family members?

  • The Publicity Test: Would I be willing for friends, fellow-Christians, the elders, the preacher, etc., to know about this action?

  • The Common Sense Test: Does it agree with just plain, ordinary, and everyday common sense, remembering that beyond common sense we must be guided by revealed sense—the Bible?

  • The Fairness Test: Is it honest, and is it practicing the golden rule?

  • The Second Coming Test: Is this something I would not mind, as a Christian, the Lord finding me doing when He next appears, to then take me to judgment?

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