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How Many Excuses?

In the book of Luke chapter 14 verses 16-24 Jesus tells a parable about a man who prepared a great supper and invited many people to come and feast with him and enjoy their fellowship together. One by one each of the invited guests gave their various excuses why they could not attend.

It would be very discouraging to have planned and purchased everything for a great feast, set up all the furnishings and decorations expecting your friends and neighbors to enjoy feasting together. How disheartening it would feel to know that they had better things to do than accept your generosity and hospitality, only to be spurned by various excuses by those whom you invited. How would it make you feel.

Each and every week our bible class teachers and preachers work diligently preparing lessons, visuals, class material, and devotionals for you and your family’s spiritual benefit. If you choose without reason not to attend church services, they are disappointed and can become discouraged.

So the next time you decide that it’s not important or that you won’t be missed at the next church service, think about that person who has spent considerable time preparing spiritual nourishment just for you. Let us all remember that not only are we dismissing the importance of worshiping and learning God’s Word together in one mind and one spirit but think of your fellow Christians who are doing their best to bring to you that spiritual nourishment we all need in this lost and dying world in which we live.

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